Financing Options

Option A

$2000.00 down - and get your patients to pay for the equipment. With this option, you get flyers, brochures, website, poster, emails, letters, scripts and training to pre-sell patients and past patients on signing up for sessions and prepaying before you even have the machine. I have done this with over 50 other chiropractors. This is non-refundable but applies towards all future purchases with me. Equipment doesn't ship yet.

Option B

Option B - Guaranteed* In house Financing - no Credit Checks, no Financials , No Tax returns needed
Just sign our forms *call for details and specifics.

$6000.00 down finances the following:

8 Paddle Slim Line Plus Package $18,500.00 - $6,000.00 (down payment) =$12,500.00

8 Paddle Pro Package $29,900.00 - $6,000.00 (down payment) = $23,900.00

Only $26.56/day!*

Only $50.83/day!*

$8000.00 down finances the following:

16 Paddle Plus Package $22,500.00 - $8,000.00 (down payment) = $14,500.00

16 Paddle Pro Package $33,900.00 - $8,000.00 (down payment) = $25,900.00

Platinum Packages $49,500.00 - $8,000.00 (down payment) = $41,500.00

Only $30.84/day!*

Only $55.09/day!*

Only $88.26/day!*

*Payments approximate based on 18 month financing at 18% after initial down payment.

Payments are 6 months interest free with NO Pre-payment penalty (pre-payment is, in fact, ENCOURAGED).

Finance for 12 months at 12% or 18 months at 18%.
*Guaranteed financing for people and doctors in existing business.

Option C

Prepay in full for a 10% discount.

Option D

Lease with a profit share model. Slim Line application and approval needed.

Option E

Finance with my outside finance company for up to 3 years with no money down - WAC - 650 credit score and 2 years in practice.

This is for chiropractors currently in practice. If you are not a chiropractor, the double your money guarantee only applies for the pro and platinum systems.
The warranty is 1 year against manufacturer defects.

Laser Like Lipo - Only Safer
Quadruple Money Back Guarantee
Wellness Disguised as Weight-Loss
Turn Key Neuropathy Programs

The Slim Line System is Guaranteed to Help Put 2 Times Your Investment in Your Bank account and Help Your Clients Shed Inches, or it's FREE

When you order a Slim Line System, all the risk will be on my shoulders, not yours. You are protected by not just one, but four ways:

  1. Best Machine
  2. Lowest Price
  3. Make the Most Money
  4. Unhappy for any reason, 60 day returns -15% restocking fee

1. You will get the best results of any machine - try it at no risk for 60 days in your office - if it doesn't, simply return for a full refund. The Slim Line System is guaranteed to help your clients lose inches. Simply attend a Slim Line System Seminar, install it in your office or place of business for 60 days, and in the unlikely event you follow the recommended treatment program and your clients do NOT see the results I talk about (a loss of at least 3 inches total in 3 weeks in 3 measurement spots), simply get in touch with me and you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund IN FULL. That's right. You must be 100% satisfied with your Vevazz Slim Line System or you pay nothing.

2. I will beat any competitors written price comparing apples to apples by 10% or more.

3. I will help you double your money invested with me in 6 months or less - simply do what I teach. That is it. If not, return the equipment for a full refund. All you need to do is attend a Slim Line System Seminar and email your daily progress on a weekly basis. If you implement all the strategies and solutions contained within the DVD trainings included in the package and don't generate at least double the amount you invested in our system after 6 months... I'll send you a check for every dollar you invested with me, and you keep all the money you earned.

4. If for any other reason, within the first 60 days, you don't want the machine any longer - return the machine for a refund minus 15% restocking fee. Refund is not available on marketing.

Could anything be more fair or less risky than that? I challenge you to find any other company which offers the sort of value you'll find with the Slim Line Fat Loss and Body Contouring Business System, let alone a guarantee like this.

Pricing and Package Options

Price Match Guarantee
I will beat any competitor's written price by 5%
Comparing apples to apples.
If you think you found a better price, send it over.

I have a few options - and can custom create one if needed.

  1. Plus Packages - starting at $18,500* ($26.56/day) for 8 paddles or $22,500* ($30.84/day) for 16 paddles
  2. Pro Weight Loss - complete turnkey weight loss with all equipment - $29,900* ($50.83/day) 8 paddle - $33,900* ($55.09/day) for 16 paddle.
  3. Pro Neuropathy - complete turnkey neuropathy with all equipment - $29,900* ($50.83/day) 8 paddle - - $33,900* ($55.09/day) for 16 paddle
  4. Platinum 32 - Weight Loss & Neuropathy, Green & IR - $49,500* ($88.26/day)
  5. Platinum Bed - $49,500* ($88.26/day)

*Discounts for paying in full - in house financing available -no credit check or financials needed for docs currently in practice. No financing fees and zero interest if paid off within 6 months. - No money down outside financing options with good credit and financials. All packages come with 1 year warranty. Daily amounts approximate, based on 18 months financing at 18%.

  1. Plus 8 Package (8 paddles) $18,500 (7 min treatment in one area)
    Plus 16 Package (16 paddles) $22,500 (7 min tx - 2 areas unattended)

Comes with: 1 Year Warranty against manufacture defect - No Guarantees (these systems require you to create stuff, and figure stuff out about weight loss, and I don't know what you know and will do) More marketing than any other company gives you, but still only 5% of my entire marketing system.
What is all included for FREE With the Plus Packages:

  • Attending Free live 2 day training with you and all your staff
  • Access to Tele-Seminars
  • Select recordings from live Training
  • Access to Vevazz Graphics
  • Training on sales and consultation scripting (at seminar)
  • Quick start training and multiple materials (online)
  • Tri-fold and 8 page brochure
  • 24x36 poster for office
  • Before and After Pictures and Video Testimonials
  • Training on Clinical Marketing and Sales Strategies (at seminar)
  • Training on Patient Psychology (at seminar)
  • Training on Groupon and other Daily Deal Sites (at seminar)
  • Training on tapping into existing markets (at seminar)
  • How to do events, seminars and workshops (at seminar)
  • Sample emails and letters to existing patients (online)
  • Email support from DC who did this himself in practice
  • Secrets and Best practices from million dollar clinics

ALSO what other companies don't give you that you still get with me:
You can attend my 2 day training for free.
ALSO - You will have access to all my pre-marketing and selling material that helps Chiros earn an average of about $20,000 in the first 30 days. The record holder made $102,000 in the first 3 weeks with this system.

  • Training DVD for Consultations
  • Full custom website
  • Power point for group presentations
  • Scripts for people answering the phone
  • Full page advertisement
  • How to close patients at events
  • Getting 30-66% of daily deal people to pay $2,000 more
  • Advertising from million dollar clinics that they used themselves

  1. What you all get with Vevazz PRO weight loss system - $29,900 8 paddle $33,900 for 16 paddles including Whole body vibration and Vevazz Vision - Also all of the previous items and the below.
  2. Guaranteed to make you $50,000 in 6 months (docs in existing practice only)

60 day guarantee it works in your office with your patients
Vevazz Vision Neuro Change System and Marketing
Discounts for paying in full - in house financing available - no money down financing
7 min treatment times for one or two areas unattended - see 6 patients per hour with one machine.

My complete weight loss marketing system (everything that comes with Plus system ALSO)

  1. Step-by-step audio and written action guide to begin marketing in your existing business.
  2. Flyer to hang up in the office to get the patients to ask you about it.
  3. Power point and video of me giving the Power Point - so you can do group consultations for those who are interested and want more info.
  4. Schedule and instruction on how to best set up appointments for people
  5. Scripts for what to say, how to say it, what the Front Desk/Receptionist should say when people call
  6. Complete website set up (except domain registration and DNS settings), hosting, and before and after pictures, etc.
  7. Old style of doing Groupon efficiently for about 15-25% conversion (the new style of doing Groupon is getting 20-49% of Groupon people to buy a $2,000 package - -that comes in the silver package)
  8. Flip Charts for doing patient consultation
  9. Brochure to give to patients
  10. phone script for calls
  11. pre selling scripts and how to
  12. script for bottom line
  13. script for scheduling
  14. scripts for patients asking about flyers
  15. sign up script for getting people to the talk
  16. 2 months of email support from me to implement all of the above
  17. Contact consent and HIPPA - records consent
  18. Intake form
  19. One Full page ad that I got 8 people to sign up for sessions from - with a 10-15 min phone call - and pay with CC over the phone before ever meeting us or coming to our clinic
  20. Recommendations Calculator to figure out how many sessions people need
  21. 10 questions for level of care to ask patients to figure out how much they need
  22. Letter that you send out to patients about the new services
  23. Office Flyer
  24. How to upsell 49% of all Groupon people to a $2,000 package
  25. My contact at Groupon to get you on for the prices that work for you, not just the prices that work for Groupon
  26. How to more easily close chiro cash patients
  27. My contact to get your phone ringing with 5-20 NP every month - and you only pay them when they produce results
  28. How to close more consults for weight loss with normal advertising
  29. How to get 27% of weight loss people to sign up for chiropractic services who come in for weight loss - and it is two simple little questions, anyone can ask
  30. How to get the best results with minimal patient effort - because if it is too hard - they won't do it
  31. Top 10 things to maximize the results patients get with simply easy things they are willing to do
  32. A simple 30 min turn key referral system - to get an average of one referral from each client - for some reason, with "gadget" weight loss - people do not want to tell others how they did it
  33. The marketing mindset - for real success - because it isn't about an ad, or a script, it is really about the proper mindset for long term success
  34. Why Vevazz is the latest and greatest innovative technological advance in the market of non-invasive fat loss
  35. The single biggest obstacle to your success - and no matter how many guesses I give you - you would never guess what it is - yet when I explain it to you, it is common sense proved - the single biggest obstacle to your success
  36. The reasons and excuses rabbit holding you back from success - and how to get rid of them once and for all
  37. Reticular activating system and how to get it to work for you - instead of against you
  38. An example group consultation to maximize results for the least effort
  39. The 13 reasons why most people are overweight - and diet and exercise are only 2 of the reasons
  40. How to talk about the laser-like lipo services you offer
  41. Different marketing examples and medium to bring in a flood of NP to your business
  42. Permanent Mind Change technology - that is EXTREMELY easy and relaxing, that takes ZERO extra room, staff or patient time (done concurrently with the laser-like sessions) that makes it easier for patients to see quicker and of course permanent results
  43. How to treat, talk about and market neuropathy
  44. One ad that has created over $100,000 of collections just by running it multiple times over the last 9 months
  45. The year marketing plan that helped me collected $303,812 in 12 months in Bismarck ND
  46. The emotional vibration line - and how to use it for maximum results
  47. The best whole body vibration unit for under $3k by independent studies
  48. The best and easiest way to measure for consistent results on every measurement with every patient no matter who measures
  49. The best tape measures for measuring - for $3
  50. How to do the Exit Consultation for maximum results and referrals
  51. The best scale for weight, % body fat, and more - under $250
  52. 2 months of email support from Dr. Jamie

  1. Vevazz Pro Neuropathy System $29,900 8 paddle $33,900 for 16 paddle including whole body vibration and Vevazz vision

Similar to weight loss version, but most of the equivalent pieces for Neuropathy. Which includes an ad that every time it is run anywhere in the US collects $20,000 to $50,000 and can be run 6-18 months in a row before results diminish. And you get multiple ads like this.

  1. Vevazz Platinum 32 weight loss and Neuropathy - $49,500 OR

  1. Vevazz Plantinum Bed weight loss and Neuropathy - either package includes all of the previous items included AND ALSO the below:
  2. Guaranteed to make you $70,000 in 6 months (docs in existing practice only)

60 day guarantee it works in your office with your patients
Vevazz lipo light Body Sculpting System - traditional paddles and also gree and IR paddles.
Vevazz Vision Neuro Change System and Marketing ($2,000 value)
Discounts for paying in full - in house financing available - no money down financing
7 min treatment time for two body areas - or treat 2 patients in 7 min.

Complete turnkey Neuropathy AND weight loss marketing System - this alone can make you $20k a month in NP from one ad (which I give you 5 ads) that you can run 10-20 times before it stops drawing in new clients.

  1. Flyer for office
  2. Posters for the office
  3. Letter (front and back) to send to patients
  4. Email to send to people
  5. Easel design poster for in the office
  6. Website minimally customized
  7. Scripts for bottom line of how to get people to sign up
  8. Scripts for referrals for people attending the presentation
  9. Power Point for the public presentation
  10. Grey Brochure - make copies minus last two pages, hand out
  11. Education DVD - make copies and hand out
  12. Promo DVD - make copies and hand out - have playing in reception
  13. Patient tri-fold brochure - make copies, and hand out
  14. Full page ad
  15. Other ads
  16. Paperwork for the New Patients
  17. Scripts for how to get people to schedule
  18. FAQ for staff and scripts for staff
  19. Plus: Data DVD with all my marketing I to collect over $450,312 in Bismarck ND
  20. The Data DVD Includes (but not limited to):
  21. Radio ads
  22. TV Ads
  23. Newsprint ads
  24. Val pak ads
  25. Referral cards
  26. Free report and DVD for potential patients who want more info
  27. Before and after pictures
  28. Website built and hosted for you, like
  29. Flip charts for consultations
  30. Patient hand outs for different days of care
  31. Nutrition and Exercise journal for daily use
  32. Brochures
  33. Business cards
  34. Procedures on how to do office things related to running the laser
  35. DVD training on how to use all the marketing on the Marketing data DVD
  36. DVD of how to operate the laser
  37. Quick start Audio CD on how to immediately begin marketing to current patient base
  38. Plus all the office forms we have used in the office - including many scripts on how and when to say what for office staff and the doctor
  39. PLUS - I offer FREE Ad Critiquing for your first year. I will help your ads be as good as they can be, as I know what worked and what didn't
  40. Top 5 easiest and most cost effective marketing strategies
  41. Billboard ads
  42. Dinner presentation ads
  43. Dinner presentation power point
  44. Training DVD for doing Power point
  45. Marketing ads, examples and strategies of the person routinely collecting $100,000 to $150,000 a month - with 4 machines
  46. 10 keys for advertising to double check with every ad you run
  47. Bulletin Board Postings for local areas with bulletin boards that you can put up free ads
  48. 4x8 mobile signs for around town - that work really well
  49. Ads for Craig's list that work pretty good - considering they are free or $15
  50. Trade shows and step by step instructions of how to do them, what to bring, what to say, what signs to have - what to give away, etc
  51. Plus a few times a year I do advanced training and marketing seminars - and you and all your staff are invited to those seminars at no additional cost.
  52. Plus, I have a network where when you give me an ad, and how it worked, I give you ads of others and how it worked.
  53. Which means, I have a ton of other ads that worked well for others - and you get access to these as well.