My Marketing is what really sets the Slim Line System apart: while most machines come with ZERO or very little marketing and no guarantee of results (leaving you with a piece of expensive machinery which hardly ever gets used) every single person who has invested in my system has put $100,000.00 into their back pocket in their first year in operation.

Many have paid for the entire system within their first month.

How is this possible? It's really quite simple - when you invest in my Slim Line Fat Loss and Body Contouring System...

I'll Give You the Exact Marketing System
I used to Collect over $456,418 in 18 Months
in a Town of Just 60,000 People
(Below are my actual bank statements for the first year)

303,982.06 of collections in the first year of operations in Bismarck N. Dakota

(all the deposits took up two pages online)

Before I purchased in the Slim line system I had invested over $125,000.00 and 2,500 hours learning about low-cost, effective marketing and had been teaching that information to many chiropractors and health professionals. But nothing had ever worked anything quite like this. All I did was...

  • Conducted a presentation in the office
  • Ran one ad in the paper
  • Sent out a letter to my patients
  • Made flyers available in the office

And believe it or not, I collected $28,620 within the first 2 weeks.

Many Chiropractors Pay for
the System Within 30 Days

Just look at what some of these success stories...

"...first 3 weeks...collected $102,000"

I did some promos in my office followed Dr. Jamie's system, and within 3 weeks, I had raised over $102,00 cash, prepaid in full up front for the laser-like services

Dr. Cameron Kmet, Anchorage AK

"We have purchased 3 vevazz systems to keep up with Demand in the last 6 months"

Dr. Joe G., Boston MA

"...we have had about 200 people come in over the last 6 months"

...our bank account tripled from adding Vevazz and the Slim Line System
Dr. Drew Lawrence, Tulsa OK

"...first month...collected $25,000"

I did some promos in my office and the first month that I owned the Laser-Like Lipo we closed 7 of my patients for Lipo services and collected $25,000. That was my first month. I have never collected less than that each month I owned the laser.

Dr. Tred Rissacher, Stuart, Florida

"We had the machine paid off in just a few months (at a purchase price of $68,000)"

Dr. Kevin Stewart, Lodi, California

"...after just 3 weeks...I collected $30,140"

...after just 3 weeks without even having it in my office I collected $30,140 I am finding if you want an extra stream of income this is a great way of getting it. I hope to generate over $250,000 a year

Dr. Jonathon Dietz, Bismarck North Dakota

"...$20-$25 thousand dollars per month...extra"

The Laser-Like Lipo has significantly increased cash flow by generating $20-$25 thousand dollars per month in extra income. This procedure is cutting edge technology and looks to be the wave of the future for fat reduction.

Dr Greg Olson, Iowa

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

You get all of this included with your investment in the Slim Line System

I sell these Different Marketing Packages to people who have not yet bought my entire slim line system - and you get them all for free.

Bronze - Get started Existing Practice/Clinic/Spa Package - $4,000
Silver - Get More Conversions Package - $6,000
Gold - Jump Start Package (Both bronze and Silver)- $9,000
Platinum - Complete Turn Key System (contains all of the above and more) - $20,000

Bronze - Get started Package includes:

  • Step-by-step audio and written action guide to begin marketing in your existing business.
  • Flyer to hang up in the office to get the patients to ask you about it.
  • Power point and video of me giving the Power Point - so you can do group consultations for those who are interested and want more info.
  • Schedule and instruction on how to best set up appointments for people
  • Scripts for what to say, how to say it, what the Front Desk/Receptionist should say when people call
  • Complete website set up (except domain registration and DNS settings), hosting, and before and after pictures, etc.
  • Old style of doing groupon efficiently for about 15-25% conversion (the new style of doing groupon is getting 20-49% of groupon people to buy a $2,000 package - -that comes in the silver package)
  • Flip Charts for doing patient consultation
  • Brochure to give to patients
  • phone script for calls
  • pre selling scripts and how to
  • script for bottom line
  • script for scheduling
  • scripts for patients asking about flyers
  • sign up script for getting people to the talk
  • 2 months of email support from me to implement all of the above
  • Contact consent
  • HIPPA - records consent
  • Intake form
  • One Full page ad that I got 8 people to sign up for sessions from - with a 10-15 min phone call - and pay with CC over the phone before ever meeting us or coming to our clinic
  • Recommendations Calculator to figure out how many sessions people need
  • 10 questions for level of care to ask patients to figure out how much they need
  • Letter that you send out to patients about the new services
  • Office Flyer

I guarantee if you implement these strategies - as I teach them, you will make at least $8,000 in collections from your existing database if you have an established clinic/practice/spa

Silver - Jump Start includes a 3 day live training I did on:

  • How to upsell 49% of all groupon people to a $2,000 package
  • My contact at groupon to get you on for the prices that work for you, not just the prices that work for groupon
  • How to more easily close chiro cash patients
  • My contact to get your phone ringing with 5-20 NP every month - and you only pay them when they produce results
  • How to close more consults for weight loss with normal advertising
  • How to get 27% of weight loss people to sign up for chiropractic services who come in for weight loss - and it is two simple little questions, anyone can ask
  • How to get the best results with minimal patient effort - because if it is too hard - they won't do it
  • Top 10 things to maximize the results patients get with simply easy things they are willing to do
  • A simple 30 min turn key referral system - to get an average of one referral from each client - for some reason, with "gadget" weight loss - people do not want to tell others how they did it
  • The marketing mindset - for real success - because it isn't about an ad, or a script, it is really about the proper mindset for long term success
  • Why Vevazz is the latest and greatest innovative technological advance in the market of non-invasive fat loss
  • The single biggest obstacle to your success - and no matter how many guesses I give you - you would never guess what it is - yet when I explain it to you, it is common sense proved - the single biggest obstacle to your success
  • The reasons and excuses rabbit holding you back from success - and how to get rid of them once and for all
  • Reticular activating system and how to get it to work for you - instead of against you
  • An example group consultation to maximize results for the least effort
  • The 13 reasons why most people are overweight - and diet and exercise are only 2 of the reasons
  • How to talk about the laser-like lipo services you offer
  • Different marketing examples and medium to bring in a flood of NP to your business
  • Permanent Mind Change technology - that is EXTREMELY easy and relaxing, that takes ZERO extra room, staff or patient time (done concurrently with the laser-like sessions) that makes it easier for patients to see quicker and of course permanent results
  • How to treat, talk about and market neuropathy
  • One ad that has created over $100,000 of collections just by running it multiple times over the last 9 months
  • The year marketing plan that helped me collected $303,812 in 12 months in Bismarck ND
  • The emotional vibration line - and how to use it for maximum results
  • The best whole body vibration unit for under $3k according to independent studies
  • The best and easiest way to measure for consistent results on every measurement with every patient no matter who measures
  • The best tape measures for measuring - for $3
  • How to do the Exit Consultation for maximum results and referrals
  • The best scale for weight, % body fat, and more - under $250
  • 2 months of email support from Dr. Jamie

I guarantee you will quadruple your money invested with me with your first groupon


The next 20 people you do consults for Just the increase in chiropractic collections

This really is a no -brainer - and it is a no brainer to do sooner than later - rather just wait until you run your next groupon - as you have to prepare stuff before the groupon runs to really do it effectively

Gold - Silver and Bronze package with 4 months of email support from Dr. Jamie

Platinum - all of the above included Plus:

  1. Flyer for office
  2. Posters for the office
  3. Letter (front and back) to send to patients
  4. Email to send to people
  5. Easel design poster for in the office
  6. Website minimally customized
  7. Scripts for bottom line of how to get people to sign up
  8. Scripts for referrals for people attending the presentation
  9. Power Point for the public presentation
  10. Grey Brochure - make copies minus last two pages, hand out
  11. Education DVD - make copies and hand out
  12. Promo DVD - make copies and hand out - have playing in reception
  13. Patient tri-fold brochure - make copies, and hand out
  14. Full page ad
  15. Other ads
  16. Paperwork for the New Patients
  17. Scripts for how to get people to schedule
  18. FAQ for staff and scripts for staff

Data DVD with all my marketing I to collect over $450,312 in Bismarck ND

The Data DVD Includes (but not limited to):

  1. Radio ads
  2. TV Ads
  3. Newsprint ads
  4. Val pak ads
  5. Referral cards
  6. Free report and DVD for potential patients who want more info
  7. Before and after pictures
  8. Website built and hosted for you, like
  9. Flip charts for consultations
  10. Patient hand outs for different days of care
  11. Nutrition and Exercise journal for daily use
  12. Brochures
  13. Business cards
  14. Procedures on how to do office things related to running the laser
  15. DVD training on how to use all the marketing on the Marketing data DVD
  16. DVD of how to operate the laser
  17. Quick start Audio CD on how to immediately begin marketing to current patient base

Plus all the office forms we have used in the office - including many scripts on how and when to say what for office staff and the doctor

PLUS - I offer FREE Ad Critiquing for your first year. I will help your ads be as good as they can be, as I know what worked and what didn't

  • Top 5 easiest and most cost effective marketing strategies
  • Billboard ads
  • Dinner presentation ads
  • Dinner presentation power point
  • Training DVD for doing Power point
  • Marketing ads, examples and strategies of the person routinely collecting $100,000 to $150,000 a month - with 4 machines
  • 10 keys for advertising to double check with every ad you run
  • Bulletin Board Postings for local areas with bulletin boards that you can put up free ads
  • 4x8 mobile signs for around town - that work really well
  • Ads for Craig's list that work pretty good - considering they are free or $15
  • Trade shows and step by step instructions of how to do them, what to bring, what to say, what signs to have - what to give away, etc

Plus a few times a year I do advanced training and marketing seminars - and you and all your staff are invited to those seminars at no additional cost.

Plus, I have a network where when you give me an ad, and how it worked, I give you ads of others and how it worked.

Which means, I have a ton of other ads that worked well for others - and you get access to these as well.

So, with the Platinum Package - there are a few ways to look at this

  1. Most people who do a groupon that didn't learn from me end up with around 5-10% of the people who buy additional sessions from them - so even at 20% - which is the low end of what my people get - some get 49% - you will more than double your investment in the platinum package

  2. If you have a 75% close ratio - and I help get you to 80% -you will double your money in a few weeks. At 1 NP a week - you will double your money after 10 weeks - and at 2 NP a week - you will double your money invested in this system in 5 weeks

  3. If you get 1 extra NP a week - from the advertising I give you - you will double your money invested with me in 2 months

Or, said another way

  1. If you do a groupon - get 50 people to buy - you will lose $10,000-$50,000 Literally.
    If 200 people buy - you will lose $40,000-$200,000 - literally - because you didn't get as many people to buy an additional package

  2. If you see New People - and get 5% less people to say yes and pay for the program - each month you will lose about $4,000 to $20,000 - just because not as many people said yes

  3. If you don't do my advertising, you will waste $2,000 to $5,000 a month on advertising, because you are doing things not as effective as you could, and the ads don't pull as many people as they could.

So no matter how you slice it - if you really understand what you are getting - you cannot afford to not get my program. Even if you think, wow, I don't have $10,000 - you for sure need to get my program, so you can make $10,000 in the first 30 days, and that amount each month after.

And if you are already doing good - you need my marketing package - because you are leaving money on the table, not doing as much as you could be doing.

With my marketing, you would be making more per ad, per NP, per client - without having to do much extra other than do the training that comes with it, and implement it.

So fill out the order form and send it in today

Truth is...

You Can Easily Make $121,856.00 -
$515,424.00 Each Year

You know from your own experience that the demand for fat loss and weight loss services and solutions is HUGE. And you've now discovered how the Slim Line System delivers DRAMATIC fat loss FAST and easily.

.without surgery, drugs, pain or harmful side effects.

Put those two things together and you get MASSIVE DEMAND for this treatment.

.and that means clients will HAPPILY pay you generous fees.

I know this both from my own experience and the dozens of satisfied business owners who have made the investment in the Slim Line System.

The fees you can charge will depend on the market where you are located.

But remember, my business is in Bismarck, North Dakota, a small city of only around 50,000 people.

The absolute MINIMUM you should charge for 18 sessions over six weeks is $1,997.

I know of people who command fees up to $4,997.

.and a realistic level would be $2,997.

Based on revenue per client of $2,997, here's what the numbers could look like.

New clients Gross Revenue Marketing
Net Revenue
1 per week (48 a year) 143,856 24,000 121,856
2 per week (96 a year) 287,712 36,000 251,712
3 per week (144 a year) 431,568 48,000 383,568
4 per week (192 a year) 575,424 60,000 515,424

Of course these are illustrations only of the potential revenue. Your results will depend on the action you take and where your business is located.

But if you take a look at the enclosed "case study" booklet, you'll see for yourself how dozens of business owners are already enjoying great success with the Slim Line Business System.

There's no reason why you can't too. Think about it.

How Would Your Life Change if You Could Generate an Extra $100,000.00 a Year While Doing Very Little Extra?

What would you do that you can't do now? Would you.

  • Take more holidays? (perhaps to the Greek Islands, Fiji, Paris or Australia)

  • Send your kids to a better school?

  • Renovate your house (or move into a better one... with a pool, a view and an outdoor entertaining area with a wood-fire pizza oven)

  • Enjoy more time off to enjoy your favorite hobbies. (or helping your kids with their sport, attending theatrical events or just buying an old classic car from the 1940's and doing it up)

So fill out the order form and send it in today
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(you will need adobe acrobat reader to view and read this document)
You can get it for free by clicking here

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