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If you are like most - you became a doctor to help people heal, and to do it naturally. With all the drugs, surgery, herbs, plants, etc, people with Neuropathy have ZERO ways to help the pain, numbness and problems of neuropathy.

Until Now!

Have you ever tried to help patients relieve the pain and debilitation of peripheral neuropathy, only to see your efforts end in failure? Any patients ever left your care still in pain, ready to tell all others that you couldn't help them? How many of these patients were having their family lives, careers or retirements threatened or ruined by the cruel effects this pain and numbness causes people? How would you like neuropathy patients consistently saying things like:

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I had no intentions of running a neuropathy clinic! I didn't set out to have this happen. But.

I now have an entire new Neuropathy Practice added onto my already successful practice!

Hi, I'm Dr Jamie Fettig, DC

When I began practice in 2000, I was already on the holistic path of helping people heal all sorts of things. I attribute that to going to a chiro once a month since I was 4, and knowing drugs and surgery were not the answer to healing.

But people were unwilling to change their lifestyle to get better. Most just wanted to come see me to make them better, naturally - without taking personal responsibility.

So that is when I left practice, and became a public speaker. I thought, this would be the way to help people change their lifestyle. But unfortunately, that didn't work either.

See, what I realized is that most people had to have it pretty bad - before they were willing to change their lifestyle.

And Neuropathy patients have it pretty bad. They have no hope from natural or conventional means. Many doctors simply end up telling their neuropathy patients, don't come back - there is nothing we can do to help you.

When I stumbled upon this new laser-like technology that greatly helped neuropathy pateitns, and a diet program that actually helped patients heal, I saw the writing on the wall and switched everything to my real passion.HELPING PATIENTS GET WELL THROUGH HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHANGES

This led me to start selling neuropathy treatment systems.

The very first month I did this, I brought in $30,000.

Now, I should clarify - when I say "I did" I work very closely with some DC friends who help me test and implement all my latest and greatest stuff.

I knew immediately I had struck gold!

What one chiro said:

The first month I used Dr. Fettig's system for neuropathy - I ran one ad - got over 50 calls, and closed over 15 people for the neuropathy treatment program - having me collect over $30,000 the first month I did it. Plus, the results with patients has been GREAT! Some people literally eliminate their pain after the first treatment. Dr. Kirk Blackwood, DC - Bismarck ND

Everyone was consistently collecting over $25,000 a month from one $2,000 ad per month.

I decided to share this breakthrough system with you.

My passion is helping people change their lifestyle.

Here is another example of how people feel after just a few treatments:

Neuropathy Testimonials

I had a FANTASTIC experience with Dakota Healing Arts. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and make you feel comfortable with every visit. The atmosphere is great. And what is happening and the care I received was all explained clearly.

I would recommend this program to others as the results are almost instant. I am PAIN FREE. And there are no side effects as with medicine

For years - I have been suffering with pain and coldness in my hands and feet. It would wake me up at night, keep me from falling asleep, and all around - make my life miserable.

But now, my feet and hands are no longer cold all the time and my whole body is functioning much better than it has in YEARS. I have more energy, I am more relaxed, less stressed and not only are my hands and feet pain free - but my whole body is pain free.

The whole program is great: Getting my nerves working better, the laser treatments with the relaxing light therapy program, and the whole body vibration machine are all great.

Don Murschel - Bismarck

After all the other "doctors" had been telling him there was nothing they could do.

And patients like Don refer other people all the time.

In fact, I teach you how to get those referrals using my exit consultation scripts.

I have many patients with stories similar to Don's

How I discovered that laser-like technology helps patients, was purley an accident. One of my weight loss patients did some research, and realized they were using lasers for pain and inflammation, and asked me - do you think that would help the pain in my feet? To which I said - I don't know, but we can try.

Long story short, it did - and it worked for most people. Especially those who combined it with lifestyle changes.

I put my marketing hat on and ran an ad for Neuropathy and over 50 people called from the one ad and over 15 people ended up signing up to do the program.

That month we brought in an extra $30,000 just from the first ad.

So I put the complete system together to share with you.

The thing doctors need to remember is - selling neuropathy treatment is WAY different than selling chiropractic care.

Astonishingly, we've seen levels of improvement that have to a great extent given many patients their lives back:

  • greatly reduced pain
  • allow them to move aroun, and go places again
  • increased sensation in the extremities
  • do yard work
  • diminished need for meds with unpleasant side effects
  • play with their grandchildren
  • renewed ability to get around and enjoy life
  • wear the shoes they want to wear
  • enhanced ability to get a good night's sleep.
  • the list goes on and on

But it soon became clear that both patients and clinicians needed more than a machine.

  • patients needed professional care (and of course very careful guidance) to get the full benefits and implement the lifestyle changes.
  • . professionals (chiropractors, pain management specialists, physical therapists and even MDs) needed detailed protocols and advice on integrating the new therapy into their practices

Thus was born my system, the complete clinical, administrative and marketing system My System gives professionals everything they need to attract the right patients, give them the help they need and, not incidentally, make more money in your practice. Without any additional insurance hassles.

It's Way More Than A Machine

If you're wondering what I mean when I say it's a complete system, the list of everything you'll receive goes on and on.

  • The Treatment Protocol

Comprehensive written and illustrated clinical detail on all three elements (Laser-like therapy, whole body vibration and nutritional protocols) including recommendations on how to apply them to common and uncommon presenting situations.

You just won't believe the satisfaction of watching these people get better!

  • Initial training for doctors, PTs and staff

How to set up the office - physically and administratively - for efficient delivery of care. The exact words and phrases that will help patients build the confidence to accept and comply with treatment recommendations.

Ongoing staff support

You'll receive a training DVD's with proven practice-building strategies with step-by-step guidelines for implementation.

The Machine - Vevazz II

Laser-like system - for stimulating blood flow - increased circulation - oxygenation and everything you need to help stimulate the body to heal itself. You will get all the info about this in your free report by simply signing up below.

If you like helping people naturally - especially when all the medical doctors, drugs and surgeries in the world offer no real long term solutions, then you should definitely treat neuropathy patients! Plus - they are HAPPY to pay the program fees of $2,000 or more.

You might have trouble getting a $25 co-pay out of a patient - but when you are selling neuropathy treatment - using the latest laser-like treatment device, these exact same people often happily pay $2,000 or more.

The thing doctors need to remember is - selling neuropathy treatment is WAY different than selling chiropractic care.

Simply enter your name and email information below, and I will send you the details for this amazing program!

PS. This system is very affordable - in fact, you can have it paid for 2 times over with the very first ad you run.


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